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Gain clarity and support on your adventure to a happier self

Busy lives and a world of expectations from ourselves and other people. It can sometimes be difficult to start the thing, we know we should be doing. Let’s start together.

Are you ready to start?

Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • • I just don’t have the time – I’ve got so much going on!

  • • I’ve got family commitments to take into account

  • • I’ve got a mortgage/rent to pay – it’s not possible to start something new

  • • I know I’ve got to change my work/life balance – where do I start?

  • • My family or friends will think I’m making the wrong decision

  • • I’m not great at finances – I’ll struggle to start my own company

  • • My marketing skills are rubbish – I don’t think it could work!

  • • I’m not sure what makes me different to my competition

What is the coaching process we go through?

  • • Look at your current situation

  • • Understand your values and motivations

  • • Dive into your dreams and unconscious mind

  • • Hone your priorities and options to make it a success

  • • Look into potential pitfalls and problems

  • • Create a strategic transition plan

  • • Set bitesize achievable goals

How else am I supported?

  • • Unlimited support through our coaching journey together

  • • Judgement-free and an Unbiased Sound Board

  • • An approachable and friendly partner to help you

  • • A Genuine want, to see you succeed!

Sometimes the worst action, is to take no action.

Let’s start the adventure

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