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Who needs life coaching?

No one.

It’s whether you WANT life coaching.

The clients I tend to work with are people who are already successful in their lives, or who have just gained the spark to become that successful person they know is in them. I’ve coached a wide range of individuals including CEOs & Executives, International Creatives & Models, a world renowned Architect, Pilots, Teachers, Youth Workers and many roles in between.

So if you are CHOOSING to work with a Life Coach, to improve on what you already have, I honour your commitment to yourself and would love to hear from you.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

I would like to…

  • • Procrastinate Less And Make Better Decisions

  • • Work better with my perfectionist self

  • • Worry or stress less about things

  • • Prioritise the right things

  • • Understand my purpose in life

  • • Achieve A Better Work / Life Balance

  • • Change My Living Environment

  • • Create Happier Relationships

  • • Find My Ideal Partner

  • • Set Major Life Fulfilling Goals

  • • Make Life Transitions

  • • Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

  • • Live My Ideal Life

What is the coaching process we go through?

  • • Understand your current situation

  • • Look at areas you would like to change

  • • List the goals you would like to achieve

  • • Dig into what’s stopped you in doing those so far

  • • Introduce techniques and strategies to help

  • • Create a strategic transition plan

  • • Set bitesize achievable goals

How else am I supported?

  • • Unlimited support through our coaching journey together

  • • Judgement-free and an Unbiased Sound Board

  • • An approachable and friendly partner to help you

  • • A Genuine want, to see you succeed!

Interested in understanding more?

Contact Scott
Animas Accredited Life Coach